FavTrip Gas Station in Kansas City, MO Now Has a Drive-Thru

To make getting gas and other items from a gas station more convenient for customers, the FavTrip gas station in Kansas City now has a drive thru window.

There have been many stories, in the past few years, of people getting in trouble for leaving their children and pets in the car. It is hard to keep track of a child or pet when they are in the car, and you are in a store. In just a few minutes, something can go wrong. We wanted to eliminate the need for this risk. The solution that we came up with was to add a drive thru window. The drive thru window is not for just pay for gas; you can also get the other items that you need. Along with making payment easier, we also have treats for children and dogs.

The drive thru window at the Kansas City and Independence locations are going to be open year round. This makes it useful during the winter in Missouri because you do not need to leave the comfort of your car to get what you need from the gas station.

FavTrip has locations in both Independence and Kansas City, MO. Both locations now have the drive thru service. The drive thru is designed to make using a gas station more comfortable, and safer for our customers. The drive thru provides all the services that are offered inside. With the cold winter months coming, the drive thru is going to be a popular option since you will not need to leave your warm car to pay for your gas and other items.

During the summer, we have to be very careful about leaving children and pets in the car, due to the heat. A drive thru means that you can turn on the air conditioning and just drive up to the window; never having to leave your loved ones. While the winter is not as much of a risk, dealing with cold and snow, is not fun.

FavTrip at both locations is working to provide our customers with the best customer service possible. Adding the drive thru window was the next logical step to make so that the Kansas City location is more customers friendly. From the hot heat of summer to the cold winters, the drive thru window makes it easy to pay for your items, while being comfortable in your car. Drive thru windows is becoming more popular, with more businesses adding them like pharmacies. We decided to try a drive thru window to hopefully provide our customers with a better option for payment, and picking up their items. FavTrip is working with customers to find the best services for both locations. Dogs now expect their treats when they pull up at the drive thru. We find great joy is seeing them wag their tail for their treat.

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