Ethanol-free Gasoline

Pure, Ethanol-free Gasoline

Fav Trip gas station of Leavenworth, Kansas, is a proud provider of 100 percent pure, ethanol-free gasoline. Ethanol-free gasoline has a number of benefits. If you live in the Leavenworth, Kansas, area, you are in luck, though. Fav Trip gas station is your one-stop shop for affordable ethanol-free gasoline.

Benefits of Ethanol-free Gasoline:

While it is state-mandated that many areas of the country sell ethanol-infused gasoline, Leavenworth, Kansas, is not subject to this law. Fortunately, we are at liberty to sell pure, unadulterated gasoline. Want to know what makes ethanol-free gasoline so special? We have the details here.

Perk #1 of Ethanol-free Gasoline - Better Gas Mileage

Do you drive a long commute to work or spend a lot of time traveling in your vehicle? If so, ethanol-free gasoline may be the perfect solution for you. The reason for making the switch is simple: The use of ethanol-free gasoline equates to better gas mileage.

The reason for better gas mileage comes down to sheer science. Pure gasoline has more free energy than ethanol. If you need some convincing about the importance of higher free energy, then consider the fact that, depending on the type of ethanol-infused gasoline you use, you could lose anywhere between 3-25% of your gas mileage efficiency. With the potential to improve gas mileage significantly, ethanol-free gasoline is the obvious choice for gas.

Perk #2 of Ethanol-free Gasoline - Improved Vehicle Performance

A number of motorized vehicles, such as boats, motorcycles, and -- you guessed it -- cars run better on pure, ethanol-free gasoline. Improved performance can make a world of difference for frequent commuters, so it is crucial to make sure you are fueling your vehicle with gasoline that enhances its day-to-day operations. Furthermore, some ethanol-infused gasoline can actually leave a damaging residue on car parts, which can ultimately affect its performance.

Fav Trip Has Your Ethanol-free Gasoline Needs Covered.

When it comes to ethanol-free gasoline, look no further than Fav Trip gas station of Leavenworth, Kansas. Our prices are competitive and our service is always friendly, which ensures that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

For more information about our ethanol-free gasoline, visit our Leavenworth, Kansas, Fav Trip gas station location, or call us at (913) 682-8747.

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