The Fav Trip Way

When we decided to open our own gas station, people thought we were crazy. “Just sign up with a big-name gas station brand like Shell or BP,” we would always hear.

Fav Trip not only opted out of this alternative, we said “no” to everything that these gas station chains represent: conformity.

At Fav Trip in Leavenworth, Kansas, we do things differently, and we are not afraid to let our customers know what makes us special. Everything from our quality customer service to our competitive gas prices and our customer-centric novelty items, make our Fav Trip of Leavenworth, Kansas, location truly one-of-a-kind.

What Makes Our Gas Station Different:

Superior Gas Station Customer Service

When you visit Fav Trip, you will receive a truly special gas station experience. Why? Each of our gas station locations offers quick and efficient service that’s complete with a smile -- our Leavenworth, Kansas, store is no exception. At our gas station, our employees are happy to serve customers, as they know customer gas station satisfaction is guaranteed.

Competitive Gas Prices

One of our main reasons for choosing to be an independent gas station is the fact that we remain in charge of our gas product. Everything from quality to competitive pricing can be selected and regulated. Unlike our gas station competitors, Fav Trip is contract-free, which means we maintain the right to choose the most affordable, quality gasoline the market has to offer. What exactly does this mean? Simply put: Competitive pricing is always guaranteed.

It’s the Little Things.

Most every gas station will have some basic staples -- think toiletries, food, and soda. Our gas station understands that it is the little things, the creature comforts, that make a difference. Because of this, we supply unique items that keep our customers coming back for more. Everything from colored contact lenses to nicotine-free, electronic hookah that assists those who are trying to quit smoking is available. And in the event that our store is out of an item you are looking for, visit our e-commerce site, where we sell additional inventory.



Visit a Fav Trip Gas Station Today - Call (913) 682-8747 or Drop By

When you visit our Fav Trip of Leavenworth, Kansas, gas station, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Although we may not have the most locations or gas pumps, we provide services that make our customers happy -- come visit us, you will see the difference.

To learn about our Fav Trip gas station services, call Fav Trip of Leavenworth, Kansas, at (913) 828-5448 -- we look forward to serving you!